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Uses for the data

The information on this website parts the curtain to reveal the inner-workings of the Supreme Court during its opinion-writing process. The information is presented in two formats. First, one can access the data electronically in the form of a spreadsheet from the Dataset Archive page. In that format, one can access data on each document, namely, the identity of the authoring Justice, the recipients, the date of the document, the case(s) related to the document, and a coding of the document's content. Second, one can view the scanned images of the documents from the Document Archive page. There are several search fields provided, including case name, docket numbers, document content, term, and Justice.

The documents on this website provide an opportunity for researchers, teachers, students, and the general public to view the process by which landmark and other decisions were crafted. It will reveal the bargaining and accommodation that transpires in the opinion-writing process.

Bibliography of Publications by the Authors Using the Justices' Papers