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Samuels V. Mackell (1969)


Document 1

From: Hugo. L. Black
To: Conference
Copied: None
On: May 6th, 1970
Action: Majority Opinion
This refers to a majority opinion draft

Document 2

From: Potter Stewart
To: Hugo. L. Black
Copied: Conference
On: May 12th, 1970
Action: Join Majority Opinion
Memos where a justice joins the majority opinion includes please join me; I agree; I am still with you; I acquiesce; I will go along; I dissent but will be silent; graveyard join or dissent. This code includes join of memorandum opinions if it is written by the assigned author, orders if it disposes of case, decrees, per curiam opinions. It also includes statements that the justice joins, but subject to what others might write.